Medici case

The Mayor and Council upheld the grant of the variance and adopted a conclusory resolution affirming the existence of special reasons and satisfaction of the negative criteria. Medici is supposed to be an island near the west coast of Italy. Competent proofs to this effect could dispel the concern that exclusion of the use was deliberate rather than inadvertent.

There is an air of exploration and expanse as people travel the world. Ocean Township, supra, 30 N. The name means "Doctors" or "Medical" in Italian and Romanian and was also the name of a prominent Italian renaissance family.

Regno is a province designed to exclusively hold the capital of Medici, Citate Di Ravello. Board of Adjustment, Sea Girt, 45 N. It also creates a contrast for the scrublands which is like the Mediterranean wild west, which is full of industry and deforestation.

Montclair, supra, N. Under the prior law the board could recommend the grant of use variances to the governing body, but could not itself approve a use variance.

An engineer testified about the topography of the site, as well as the proposed drainage, sewerage, parking, and landscaping. Some provinces are special regions for particular settlements: Regno is a province designed to exclusively hold the capital of Medici, Citate Di Ravello.

The Court did not decide whether aesthetic considerations and fire safety could satisfy the special reasons condition, but observed that the proposed expansion was so massive that the claimed aesthetic and fire safety improvements were incidental in relation to the relief sought by the applicant.

Ocean Township, supra, 9 N.

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The Medici are also known for having been the patrons of the Renaissance: The variance for the Econo Lodge was granted July 27, In Monmouth Lumber Co. We fully adhere to that view. And MEDICI ™ in BLUE NEON might say "Grand Duke of Tuscany" to you, but it doesn't even whisper "Grand Duke of Tuscany" to US!

SO, in a nutshell, we are NOT amused. And do you really want unamused Medici ™ on your case? The Republic of Medici is the fictional nation where Just Cause 3 takes place.

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The nation is currently ruled by the dictator General Di heads of state: Previous: Dante, Current: Di Ravello.

medici v. bpr co. annotate this case. n.j. 1 () a.2d mario m.

Medici v. BPR Co.

medici, plaintiff, and madison property company no. 4, intervenor-appellant, v. bpr company, a limited partnership, defendant-respondent, and board of adjustment of south plainfield and mayor and council of the borough of south plainfield, defendants.

The Medici was a merchant family that came to dominate the politics and economy of the city of Florence. Over time, from at least the time of Cosimo de’Medici, they inserted themselves into the Florentine ruling elite and began to dominate the city’s political and economic culture.

By the time of Lorenzo the Continue reading "The Rise of the Medici". Oct 18,  · Watch video · A political family drama set in Florence in the early fifteenth century.

Cosimo de Medici finds himself at the helm of his banking /10(K). Leather iPad Cover / 12" Lap Top Computer Case - I Medici - Made in Italy 89,00 € Italian Old School Leather Briefcase (IM) - I Medici - Made in Italy ,00 € Leather Regent Wallet (IMTM) - I Medici - Made in Italy 69,00 € 49,00 €.

Medici case
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