Animal testing right or wrong

Animal experiments and drug safety Scientists say that banning animal experiments would mean either an end to testing new drugs or using human beings for all safety tests Animal experiments are not used to show that drugs are safe and effective in human beings - they cannot do that.

You can do lots of testing on vegetables instead. What would we feel like it animals tested make-up on us. When surveyed, a little over half of the participants thought that animal testing for medical purposes was ethical.

But is it wrong to do scientific tests on animals for our benefit. I would rather one rat die than thousands of humans who take toxic cold medicine.

Animal Testing: Right or Wrong?

Moreover, a great deal of animal experimentation has been misleading and resulted in either withholding of drugs, sometimes for years, that were subsequently found to be highly beneficial to humans, or to the release and use of drugs that, though harmless to animals, have actually contributed to human suffering and death.

What makes the usage of animals for cosmetic purposes ethical, though. Animal experiments only benefit human beings if their results are valid and can be applied to human beings. For my Social Science Research class this year, my group did a project on whether or not people thought animal testing was ethical.

Experimenting on animals

There are lots of protests against it and there was one were I live. If it didn't hurt the animals it would be fairer.

It's like putting lip-gloss on rabbits.

Animal testing: Right or wrong?

The interesting part about the collected data was the fact that the percentage of people who thought that animal testing should be allowed for either purpose was higher than the percentage of people who thought that animal testing for either purpose was ethical. Animals are unable to give consent or cease participation in studies.

There are lots of protests against it and there was one were I live. People volunteer cell samples, and scientists make growth cultures from the samples. This may cause harm to human beings because they won't benefit from a cure for their disease because the cure won't be developed.

The basic arithmetic If performing an experiment would cause more harm than not performing it, then it is ethically wrong to perform that experiment.

Would getting some new mascara on the market really be that important. Shame on the scientists!!. Would the evil scientists like it if they were tested on by monkeys. The harm that will be done to the animals is certain to happen if the experiment is carried out The harm done to human beings by not doing the experiment is unknown because no-one knows how likely the experiment is to succeed or what benefits it might produce if it did succeed So the equation is completely useless as a way of deciding whether it is ethically acceptable to perform an experiment, because until the experiment is carried out, no-one can know the value of the benefit that it produces.

There are huge differences between humans and the animals that the products are tested on. There is nothing good about it, humans are just taking advantage over animals. They have feelings too. To begin with, animal research and testing has allowed people to make major advancements in medicine.

How many monkeys had to die until they got the formula right. Would the evil scientists like it if they were tested on by monkeys. There has to be an easier way to find out how certain diseases affect us than hurting these poor creatures.

Justifying animal experiments Those in favour of animal experiments say that the good done to human beings outweighs the harm done to animals. Doing things like injecting shampoo into rabbits' eyes is just not right. believe that animal testing is cruel, immoral, and completely wrong.

Cosmetic and drug testing usually kills the animals, and this is not right. Some research on animals provides information used for solving biological and medical problems, but most research is used for testing commercial products and cosmetics for toxicity.

Dec 08,  · The issue of animal experiments is straightforward if we accept that animals have rights: if an experiment violates the rights of an animal, then it is morally wrong, because it is wrong to. There is no connection between animal testing and the human health The writer states that there is no (general) connection between animal testing and human health.

I, however, do not agree with this point because at an earlier point in the article, the writer states that there are scientific merits to animal testing, he also states that insulin.

Mar 22,  · Animal testing is completely and utterly wrong! People should not do the horrid things they do to poor, inocent animals! In my opinion, anyone who tests anything on animals is a Status: Resolved.

Learn about the modern animal rights movement and how it has influenced the debate over animal testing in science and industry.

Animal Rights and the Ethics of Testing. Search the site GO. Issues. Animal Rights Basics Pigs Pork and Animal Rights - What is Wrong with Eating Pork. Animal Testing Is Wrong Words | 6 Pages.

Animal Testing: Right or Wrong?

Harmful Testing on Animals is Wrong In American society, many groups and organizations are debating whether or not animal testing should be banned.

Animal testing right or wrong
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Animal Testing: Right or Wrong?